Massachusetts Hidden Treasure

Fort Revere Park, Hull MA

During the American Revolution, Fort Independence was constructed as a star shaped earthen work fort to protect Boston Harbor from a British invasion. It was garrisoned by both American and later French troops. In the nineteenth century, Boston merchants used Telegraph Hill as a signal station to announce the arrival of ships into Boston Harbor. At the turn of the century, Telegraph Hill was once more fortified and renamed Fort Revere, this time by the United States Army as part of the Coastal Artillery Defense System. Fort Revere remained garrisoned during both World Wars. Many thousands of service personnel passed through the gates of this institution over a fifty year period. Following the end of World War II, Fort Revere was decommissioned as it was no longer needed for defense purposes.

The land occupied by the Fort was sold. Fort Revere Park was formed combining the parcels owned by the Town of Hull and the State of Massachusetts and is administered by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). The Park was later listed on the National Historic Register in 1975. Fort Revere and in particular the former bunkers, has been a great setting for outdoor cultural events including concerts, plays, military reenactments and much more. The Park combines history, scenic beauty and recreation all in one setting.

The Park’s Water Tower which rises 120 feet off the ground was built in 1903 as the first reinforced concrete water tower in the United States. It sits amid an 8+ acre Historic Park atop the highest point of land in Hull Mass., overlooking scenic views of Boston Harbor Islands, picnic areas, nature habitats and dedications from past eras. The Tower and its observation deck, holding panoramic views of Boston Harbor and surrounding towns, are now closed to the public due to restoration needs. The Officers’ Quarters Building served as a museum and holds artifacts from the fortifications along with pictures and donated items. It is also closed pending repairs and may be eliminated with its contents dispersed.

The Water Tower and Officers’ Quarters Buildings are two remaining publicly owned structures from the original Military Fort along with concrete barracks also in great need of repair. A Mess Hall, Admirals’ Quarters, Hospital, Bakery and many other buildings no longer exist. Although dedicated volunteers from time to time have cleaned and painted portions of remaining bunkers without on-site staff, they have been defaced; graffiti and broken glass returned.
Fort Revere Park and Preservation Society is a nonprofit resident group 501 (C) 3 dedicated to community care and use of Fort Revere Park. The Society is working to promote the Park’s valuable history, find adequate funding, adequate staffing by paid staff and/or volunteers, and find a solution for the many needed repairs and the security of this historic property. Our long term goal is to open the historic water tower, improve the grounds throughout the Park with landscaping, accessible trails, and historic signs informing visitors of the valuable history the Park holds. We strive to repair, secure and maintain the vital history of Fort Revere for next generations.

We hope for advanced awareness to save historic Fort Revere.
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